I'm Shane Neubauer. I live in Lisbon, where I build teams and software products.

I've loved building things since I was very young, using lego, or wood with my father. When we got our first computer (shared by the whole family) in 1995, I was drawn to it. I quickly found belonging in online communities on IRC, and influenced by the people and culture there, I developed a longing to code.

At age 14, with my first ever pay check, I bought a book called Learn C++ in 21 days. At the time I thought "great, in three weeks I will know how to code!". Hilariously naive!

As I've always done in my life, I found my way on a less-common road. I dropped out of university in favour of working full time at an Internet company, answering phones and speaking to upset customers as a help desk agent.

This set the tone for my entire career. Always taking a different route, always working with technology, and always excelling when I get to be around customers.

Fast forward to today, I'm a repeat startup founder, and I love building products to help businesses, and the people in those busineses.

I still love building, but I'm equally passionate about working directly with people, leading and mentoring, team building, and managing. I find it incredibly satisfying if I get to be a part of someone's journey of growth and achievement.

In my spare time I love spending time with family, my dog, cooking great (plant based) food, refining my chili sauce recipe, running, and reading.